Full of such great ideas

We really enjoyed working with Emily she is full of such great ideas, its almost contagious. Can get most anything you might have in mind. We had a wedding at home so we had to bring everything we wanted to our home, she worked with our wedding planner and photographer before so we were very confident that all would be as we imagined.

I would recommend Emily without any hesitation.

Thank you, Emily for making our day so beautiful

We used Emily for our 9/24/16 wedding in Sugar Hill, NH. I've been following Emily's work for a few years now so this was an obvious selection for me. We were not disappointed! I'll start by saying she didn't even have our date open and she still signed on to make it happen for us - doing some work Friday night for our Saturday night event.

We used a town building for our reception, which is not a wedding venue at all. If you're looking to dress up a unique/somewhat drab space, Emily will go above and beyond to make that happen. You'll walk in there when it's done wondering how the heck this place looks so impressive!!

For being probably my busiest wedding vendor, Emily always had time to answer my questions and really helped me with making sure everything we rented leading up to the event tied together to create the best look for us (what linens are best? what sizes? what chairs?). Working with Emily, a few things become pretty clear immediately: she's completely dedicated to creating an incredible vision with your space and taste in mind, and she has everything under control. She's thought of the details you feel like you may have forgotten.

Just a few details she included: Dressed up stair railings and tables with beautiful garlands - including apples and pomegranates as well as many other textures for a really beautiful, detailed look. The bouquets (bride, matron or honor, and mothers) were perfect - a great mix of my colors tied with beautiful ribbons (that will float in the breeze making your photos look even more amazing). Dressed up our head table and wedding arbor with big, beautiful ('dramatic' as she calls them!) bouquets. Added flowers to so many places in the venue: bathrooms, food tables, window sills, any open space that needed a pop of color and detail.

Obviously I can't recommend Emily's work highly enough! Thank you, Emily for making our day so beautiful.

Absolutely Breathtaking

Flowers are so important to me and I knew from the beginning what my vision was. A little background I am from MA and my wedding was held in Whitefield NH so I had to do ALOT of researching to find my vendors. I searched for floral shops in the area and stumbled across Emily's page and I couldn't be more happy I did!!! Emily is a pleasure to work with and so thorough. She is so easy to talk to and truly loves her work you can tell by her excitement when discussing your project and the final product. Every time we talked I hung up feeling confident about the conversation, which may seem strange to say but during the wedding planning process you would be surprised at how many conversations you have that end and just dont sit right. After we chatted a bit and I sent her my inspiration pictures she sent me back the contact and my goodness even that was beautiful! Now I am a type A personality so I am very organized and thorough myself but let me tell you that contract was excellent. It listed the flowers she intended to use and my color pallet etc. When you see it you'll know! She completely understood what I wanted every suggestion she made was right on track with my taste. I LOVE how she uses different kinds of plants and flowers and just puts it all together and your bouquet becomes an actual work of art. I was speechless when she brought them in they were better them I could have imagined they were PERFECT! Make your life simple and have Emily make your wedding perfect with her flowers and personality you will not be disappointed!!!!

An Absolute Artist! I wish there were words

An Absolute Artist! I wish there were words to truly express my gratitude to Emily and her amazing work for our wedding this past August! There is NO other choice!! Emily Herzig is more than just a florist, she is an absolute artist! Her arrangements and bouquets made our wedding so incredibly beautiful, I cannot imagine the day without her being a part of it! Each and every detail fit my vision for our vintage travel inspired wedding. 

She is a pleasure to work with, an incredible person, and her talent knows no bounds. If you want someone to help make your wedding dreams come true, then Emily is exactly the person for you! 

Lastly, a little extra something that meant the world to me! After the wedding, Emily sent me a list of all of the meanings for each and every flower that she used in our arrangements. The fact that she put that much thought into selecting our flowers, was astounding to me! Not only were they beautiful, but they each had a traditional meaning to express and add to our day. Above and beyond my expectations from start to finish. You will be so glad you chose her!