Details, Details, Details

I provide insight to my clients on design details every day.  We talk about what colors to use, and where, where to position large floral displays, and how to convey a feeling of love and comfort through lighting techniques and fabric.  We laughingly lament over varieties of flowers to use (“Candy Bianca” or “Sweet Unique”).  It’s the artist in me that makes me so passionate and appreciative of the medium that I work with.  It inspires me collaborating with people through nature and this love of artistic expression.
A few summers ago, I started providing “details boxes” to the photographers of the weddings I work on.  I include pieces of ribbon, swatches of fabric, and single stems of each flower used in the event. My hope is to give the people behind the lens the opportunity to see the details that we have spent so much time fussing over.  I love giving the artist in them the chance to play like I do every day.
The images here were captured so gracefully and artfully by Kerry and Taylor of Birch Blaze Photography from the “details box” I left for them in the tent of Keri & Mo’s wedding this past fall (see the recent blog from Birch Blaze for more from this wedding).
On this cold winter day, I am warmed and inspired by these images.  I hope you are inspired as well!








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