Happy Holiday’s from EH Floral

 I want to first say — Jackie Rachdroff is amazing, and I love her not only because she glows, and is funny and kind, and warm, all wrapped up into one anzmaxing and beautiful woman-mother-wife-friend-and-photographer…Thank you for taking these beatiful photo’s of some of what EH floral is offering for the holidays.  
I also want to share a deep breath to exude my love and appreciation to all the people and experiences that continue to guide me forward in awe,wonder, and with so much hope! I have so much to be thankful for! Happy Holiday’s from Emily Herzig Floral Studio

EH Floral is delivering for the holidays. Place your order before the 21st and recieve $5.00 off!
Best wishes to a happy, healthy, and love filled 2012

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